Flag Protest On Beach Going Strong

About two dozen supporters of Jason Whitfield set up more canopies and surround him as he sits in a silent protest on the beach. Nearby, Jason's Mom hits the radio airwaves for WJZD where she works.

Judy Whitfield says "Jason is taking a stand, and he took a stand by himself, and left his momma hanging". She wants to throw her support behind her son's cause. Whitfield says "I think Jason has brought it to the level to where we understand this isn't about a black, white, not even about American or Confederate. It's just about doing what's right, and I'm just proud to be a mom right now".

Many supporters came out, because they too, want to see the Confederate Battle Flag come down. Jennifer McCoy traveled from Pass Christian to sign a petition against the banner.

McCoy says "I feel like it's important because it obviously represents racism and hatred. It's in my ancestry, as well as all the other white people on the Coast ancestry, but it's not necessarily something we have to be proud of".

But supporters of the battle flag, say it's important to keep that symbol of their heritage flying. Paul Gentry says "It's just the flag that I grew up with and I've known all my life and I hate to see it go away just because somebody don't like the flag. If the black people had their flag up here, I sure wouldn't take their flag down".

So they marched around the beach and proudly showed off the flag. They say they'll stay as long as possible to push their cause.

Ron Sisk says "I noticed we only had a couple of our followers out here, and they only had 2 or 3 out there. I figured by today there'd be more out here and a lot more there. I just want to be a part of it, because somebody's got to do it".

Those against the Confederate Battle Flag are planning a sunrise service on the beach this Sunday. Both sides say they want any activity that takes place, as well as the ongoing protest, to remain peaceful.

By: Trang Pham-Bui