Decomposed Body Found In Gulfport House

Gulfport police and Biloxi's crime scene technician Robert Burriss teamed up to analyze every inch of Theodore Lindley's house. Burriss said he was there to "help them, see what we can gather up, see what we can find out."

Gulfport police first became aware of a potential problem at Mr. Lindley's house on Thursday night. That's when a neighbor called them and said the 64 year old hadn't been seen in several days.

Pat Pope is the Gulfport Police Department's lead investigator. "They noticed that mail was piling up, newspapers were piling up in his yard," Pope said. "They thought it was a little bit out of character for him."

So a Gulfport officer was sent to Magnolia Avenue. He knocked on Mr. Lindley's door. When nobody answered, investigators said the officer forced open a garage door and went inside. That's where he found Lindley's body, in a bedroom. It may have been there for several days.

Pope said investigators have a lot of leads that they're running down. "It's just going to take some time to sift through them all." he said.

Harrison County's coroner would only say that the Gulfport man died from asphyxia, or a lack of oxygen. Nobody would say if the person who killed Mr. Lindley used a weapon. "We have some speculation." said Pope. "But nothing that I can release at this time."

This was the third time in three weeks that Gulfport police had to investigate a death. Detective Pope told me it's been tough on his officers. But they're handling it.