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Residents Fed Up With Party Goers

BILOXI (WLOX) -- Another year of Scrapin' the Coast has finally come to a close. While many are already looking forward to next year's event, there are some residents who are relieved it's finally over.

People in the Pine Grove Avenue neighborhood said they have had enough of speeders, loud music and everything else that comes along with some of the events. Now they're ready for someone to do something about it.  

"Since January of this year we have been putting up all of the traffic and the different events going on at the Colisuem and them releasing the traffic on our residential street which is 25 miles per hour but they think it's a racetrack," said Becky Hanzalik, who has lived in the neighborhood for 11 years.

However, Matt McDonnell, Coast Coliseum Assistant Director, said the back gate is only opened for overflow parking and because of construction at the Coliseum. Also, with the limited access on Highway 90, they have to use the back gate, but the use is only temporary.

However, that's not sitting well with some residents.

"We knew it would be heavy but we didn't think it would come with the speeding, throwing their trash out, the profanity, the loud music, the urinating under people's carports against people's vehicles. It's just been non-stop," Hanzalik said.

Her neighbor Rita Crow agreeed.

"We can understand right now since they have the construction in the coliseum that it's ok. But we want security. When these entrances are fixed, that's where the traffic needs to go not through our subdivision," Crow said.

Neighbors understand that the Colisuem is not responsible for what happens once people leave the property. They're just asking for extra security in their neighborhood once the events come to an end.

"They've got no security in our neighborhood. They might have somebody in the Coliseum parking lot, they might have a police officer on Highway 90 but they are nowhere else," Crow said.

Even though Scrapin' the Coast is over, neighbors are already preparing for the after effects of this week's concerts and what it will mean for Pine Grove Avenue.  

Sunday afternoon, the Biloxi Police Department's  Traffic Division did send an officer to Pine Grove Avenue to patrol the area.

By Elise Roberts

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