Special Homecoming for Volunteers In D'Iberville

D'IBERVILLE (WLOX) -- There were cheers and claps as the building inspection notice came off Frankie and Vicki Moran's home. Volunteers were eager to go in and take a tour of the home they helped to build.

Frankie Moran admitted it took a little coaxing to get him to agree to let the volunteers work on their home.

"I've been pushed around so much that you know it's like they're not going to help.  Why should I go up there and waste my time and waste their time," said Frankie Moran, homeowner.

But, Irene McIntosh, an organizer for the D'Iberville Volunteer Foundation, didn't give up easily.  She finally got Frankie to come by her office.

"She looked at me and turned and looked again and said I'm glad to see you sitting in there, because if you weren't there, I was going to stop by again tonight," said Frankie Moran.

The Foundation called upon volunteers from across the nation to help rebuild the Moran's home. They even called upon SEMA, the Scouting Emergency Management Assistance, a group founded by a Georgia Boy Scout Troop.

"It's a treat to see people getting back in their homes.  The people in D'Iberville are kind of like family,"said volunteer Billy Miller.

Volunteers rebuilt the home from the ground up and made it accessible for Frankie's wife Vickie, who suffered a stroke shortly after Hurricane Katrina.  They even installed a walk-in shower and tub. It's become Vickie's favorite addition to the house.

"Coming back and seeing the home they can live in and not seeing that trailer next to it is really cool," said Janelle Foszcz, a Chicago volunteer.

Even though they just moved in, Frankie Moran said they're already making plans to repay the group of volunteers.

"I have also told Mr. Ed and Irene, if anything like that happens anywhere else and they go somewhere else, call me.  I feel that's one way I can repay is to go volunteer somewhere else."