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Half Price Food Bank Helps Families

GULFPORT (WLOX) -- Hundreds of people rolled into the church parking lot to load up on food they bought at half price. While they didn't eat it on site, a blessing was given over the food, and the people who paid for it.

Heather Morton of Lizana is mother to a newborn daughter. Like many people, she and her family have felt the crunch of rising food costs.

"I would say, the average price of things has gone up at least ten or 15 cents an item, and when you're getting 50, 60 items, it adds up," Morton said.

Morton said getting the $30 boxes, stuffed with more than $60 worth of food is really going to help her family.

"My father-in-law lives with us now, and we have an extra mouth to feed, and my husband. We doubled in size. We've gone from two to a family of four," said Morton.

The distribution is held once a month at the church.

"It's just amazing how we have in three months become not only a host site, but a distribution center where we have five other churches that come here and pick up their orders from us," said Pastor Randy Davidson.

The menu changes each month. Ribeye steaks, hamburger patties and pizza were just a small portion of what Saturday's boxes had in them. Pastor Davidson said the distribution is about feeding the body and the spirit.

"We believe that first and foremost, Jesus met physical needs, and then he met spiritual needs, so as folks come to pick up their food, we ask them if they have any need of any prayer, any prayer requests, and if they say they do, then we pray with them right then and there, here in the parking lot," Pastor Davidson said.

The next distribution will be July 19th. You have until July 7th to sign up. Sign up is at Lakeview Independent Baptist Church on Highway 53 in Gulfport. You can register on Mondays from 1:00pm to 5:00pm and Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm.

By Toni Miles

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