Chronological Sequence Of Events Of Execution

48 Hours Prior to Execution: The condemned inmate shall be transferred to a holding cell adjacent to the execution room.

24 Hours Prior to Execution: Institution is placed in emergency/lockdown status.

Day of Execution

10:30am: Designated media center at institution opens.

3pm: Inmate's attorney of record and chaplain allowed to visit.

4pm: Inmate is served last meal and allowed to shower.

4:30pm: MDOC clergy allowed to visit upon request of inmate.

5:30pm: Witnesses are transported to Unit 17.

6pm: Inmate is escorted from holding cell to execution room. Witnesses are escorted into observation room.

7pm: A post execution briefing is conducted with media witnesses.

10:30pm: Designated media center at institution is closed.

Source: Mississippi Department of Corrections