DA: Execution Provides Relief But No Closure

Harrison County District Attorney Cono Caranna says people forget that waiting out a death sentence is as agonizing for victims' families as it is for the inmate sitting on death row.

Caranna prosecuted Tracy Alan Hansen in the killing of State Trooper David Bruce Ladner, who had pulled over Hansen's car for speeding on Interstate 10. The jury returned a death sentence in 1987. A female companion was sentenced to life in prison.

Hansen is scheduled to die by lethal injection on July 17th at the state penitentiary at Parchman. Unless any last minute appeals are successful, it will be Mississippi's first execution since 1989.

Caranna says Hansen's execution will NOT end the agony for Ladner's family. He says the frequent delays in the case have forced the family to repeatedly relive the worst part of their lives.

Hansen's attorneys have asked the Supreme Court to reconsider its dismissal of a post-conviction petition by the condemned man.