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Historic Home Is New Biloxi Visitors Center

BILOXI (WLOX) -- The City of Biloxi wants to direct visitors to Howard Avenue beneath the I-110. That's where the city's new tourist information center is located.

A historic house has all the information they need for a wonderful visit to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

"The visitors center is now in the Bond-Grant house, which is 932 Howard Avenue," said Laurie Rosetti, who helps staff the visitors center.

The historic home, beneath the shadow of the I-110, is now "the" spot for Biloxi tourists.

"This is where all visitors can come for information on all attractions: hotels, restaurants, anything they want to see and do in Biloxi, we have the information for them right here," says Rosetti.

"Anything they want to see in the whole gulf coast region. Primarily Biloxi, but we'll help them do anything they want to do," she said.

If you're unsure about the new location, you might be familiar with something else nearby.

"We're happy to be neighbors with the farmers market. They're here every Tuesday and Thursday. And so lots of people are getting to know where the visitors center is through the farmers market," Rosetti said.

Like the Biloxi visitors center, the farmers market is in a new post-Katrina location. It moved from Point Cadet Plaza to beneath the I-110.

Longtime vendor Bill David is still peddling produce.

"Well, we sell lots of squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, peaches, plums," said David.

He says some, but not all, of his former customers have found the farmers market at its new location.

One advantage of the old visitors center was high visibility with its location on busy Highway 90. That's why the city is so anxious to spread the word about the new headquarters on Howard Avenue.

"We're working on more signage, so it should be easy for everyone to find us," said Rosetti.

The Bond-Grant house is actually only a temporary location for the visitors center. The city of Biloxi plans on building a new visitor and welcome center across from the lighthouse.

By Steve Phillips

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