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D'Iberville Residents Updated On Plans For New Shopping Plaza

D'IBERVILLE (WLOX) -- It won't be long before South Mississippians have even more choices when it comes to shopping in D'Iberville. Plans to build a new shopping center, which may include a Target, will soon become a reality on the coast.

But many residents have concerns when it comes to building the new Promenade shopping plaza in their backyards. That's why developers held a meeting Wednesday to answer those questions.

"We always heard things like it was coming and no one ever thought it was. But now that we heard Target is moving here, I think it will do the city good," said Keith Renault.

Renault has lived on Gay Circle for more than 10 years. So when he heard of plans for the new plaza, he was pleased. That is, until he realized what it may mean for his property.

"There will be more people and how am I going to keep track of my property, and if we are going to have extra patrols around there," he said.

Representatives from developer CBL & Associates met with residents to tell them what's to be expected from The Promenade.

"We have several tenants that we are working with, but none confirmed that we can announce at this time," said Jennifer Greer, the company's project manager.

While leaders won't confirm which businesses will be housed in the plaza, they did say they will do their best to make for easy building.

Leaders assured people that they will keep them informed of road closures and new access roads. They also promised residents that once retention ponds are put in place, they will be maintained and won't cause additional flooding problems.

While all of the residents are pleased with the possibilities of The Promenade, they're just hoping it won't become a nuisance in their neighborhood.

Construction is set to begin this month. Leaders say shops will open by October of 2009.

By Elise Roberts

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