Anita Krecic

43 year old Anita Louise Krecic is serving a life sentence for taking part in the 1987 murder of state trooper Bruce Ladner.

At the time of the murder, Krecic and her boyfriend Tracy Alan Hansen were wanted on various charges in Florida, and were on the run from authorities.

Krecic was charged with capital murder, and prosecutors pushed for the death penalty, but the jury gave her life. She was sentenced before the 1995 law that requires inmates to serve 85-percent of their sentence, so she has already been up for parole twice (1997 & 2000).

Both times, Ladner's two sons Brandon and Damon met with the parole board to convince the members to keep Krecic behind bars. In 1997, the Gulfport City Council even passed a resolution opposing parole. It was denied both times. Krecic will not be reviewed again for parole until December 2005.