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D'Iberville Tests Hurricane Readiness

D'IBERVILLE (WLOX) -- D'Iberville is making sure city workers know what to do to protect city property should a major storm blow our way this hurricane season. On Wednesday, dozens of employees took part in a hurricane drill.

Assignments in hand, D'Iberville's public works crew quickly went to work moving valuable city equipment to higher ground.

Jay Williams is the city's emergency management director.

"Everything that we're mobilizing today is what we're going to mobilize during a hurricane."

During Hurricane Katrina, city officials say the public works building took in five feet of water.

"We lost all of our public works equipment," said City Manager Richard Rose. "We lost all of our police cars. We learned a valuable lesson. It floods father north than we thought it did."

Hurricane drills help make sure all city employees have a basic understanding of what needs to be done when a major storm threatens the area.

"Once the emergency happens, it isn't going to work like this exactly 100 percent," said Williams. "People are going to have other things that need to be done on top of. There are some things that we are probably not thinking of today that's going to happen. So what this does is it gives us a basic. If we follow the basic to begin with, it's just going to be so much easier come hurricane time."

City officials say from public works to office staff, everyone has an important role. The drill was a chance to see how the city can do what it needs to as effectively as possible.

Williams said, "If we know how much time it takes us to mobilize our equipment, lock down city hall, lock down the library, lock down the city buildings, the rest of our time can be spent for nothing but, 100 percent, the citizens themselves. "

D'Iberville Parks and Recreation employees also participated in the drill. Afterwards, city officials got together to critique the exercise.

By Danielle Thomas 

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