Fans Cry Foul Over Possible Major League Baseball Strike

Some Major League Baseball fans are upset about the possibility of a player strike. Players and owner are at odds over several money issues. On Thursday players and owners will sit down and try to iron out their labor disputes and players haven't ruled out a possible strike if negotiations don't go their way.

Some of the coaches and parents at the Gulfport Sports Complex had heard about the disagreement. Jason Stanley says coaching little league allows him see baseball at its best. He says the kids play for the love of the game, but in the Major Leagues, it's all about money.

"Kids want to grow up and become their idols," Stanley said.

Eleven year old Andrew Adams dreams of making it to the big leagues. He came to Gulfport to watch his younger brother play in the eight year old world series. He can't figure out why pro players would want to strike and miss out on their own World Series.

Adams said the players were upset "because they're not getting paid enough... but I think they are."

If there is a strike, not everyone is sure how forgiving fans will be, especially if it means paying more money to watch the games. Most people think the game will survive.

"I wish there was a way to prevent them from striking," Pat Miller, a Little League coach, said. "The fact is if they strike, when they do come back, everybody's still going to go out and watch them, because they love baseball so much."

If there is a strike it would be the ninth work stoppage since 1972. The head of the players union says there are no plans for a strike unless the players feel they have no other viable option.

By Danielle Thomas