Shrimpers Weigh In On Opening Day of Season

PASS CHRISTIAN (WLOX) -- The Micah Evan pulled into the Pass Christian Harbor after a full day of shrimping.

"It looks real good, the best I've seen in a while, according to today," said Steve Steiner.

Steiner has been shrimping since he was 15 years old. It's a tradition the entire family shares. On this trip, three generations of Steiner's family helped out. Altogether, they pulled in about 1,500 shrimp on the first day of the season.

"We ran out of a place to put them, the shrimp. So we came back in. We're going to sell them and go back out, probably tomorrow," Steiner said.

Steiner says the shrimp are high in quantity and quality.

"They're fair shrimp. The ones we got probably 50s, 60s, you know. We haven't had time to pick out all the little ones, catching so many, but we caught some nice jumbos, too. It looks real good altogether," Steiner said.

The Micah Evans trawled the waters off Pass Christian. He says there weren't many boats shrimping in that area.

"I think more were down toward Biloxi," Steiner said.

In Biloxi, the shrimp were selling for $2.50 a pound. There was a steady stream of people lining up for shrimp there, even though a lot of the fishermen were still out in the sound reaping the harvest.

As for the Micah Evans crew in Pass Christian, their plans are simple when it comes to the shrimp.

"Sell them. Sell them and eat them," Steiner said.

And Steiner believes bright days are ahead.

"If it keeps like this, it will be good. If it keeps on. This is the best we've done in years," Steiner said.