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Sec. Of State Hopes New Court Will Help Businesses

JACKSON (WLOX) -- Just like with family court, drug court, and the state appellate courts, the Secretary of State wants to create a separate court just for business disputes. Cases like contract disputes, shareholder disagreements or copyright infringement that usually would be pushed back could be settled in an economic and timely manner.

"The decisions, hopefully, would be rendered in one year so business can use their money more wisely," Hosemann said.

In other words, when businesses are tied up waiting on a ruling, that could affect the bottom line - making money.

Blake Wilson, who heads the Mississippi Economic Council, said, "This would be a real tool in helping cinch a deal for getting either a headquarters or a regional headquarters."

Hosemann believes a business court would not only help businesses, but would also unburden other areas of the court system so everyone benefits.

"We need to have consistent, timely opinions for our justice system. Our businesses are entitled to that, our employees are entitled to that," Hosemann said.

The Secretary of State has appointed a 40 member group, headed by former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Ed Pittman, to investigate the idea of a business court. The group is expected to issue a report in September.

Hosemann said he'd like to see a bill creating business courts passed in the 2009 legislative session.

By Jon Kalahar

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