Third Body Found Near Deer Island

Searchers found the bodies of three Pascagoula fisherman Monday.

The body of Richard "Junior" Clayton was found about 2:30 between Ship and Horn Islands. About an hour later, Kevin Ryan's body was found South of Deer Island. Billy Tynes' body was found Monday evening around 6:30.

The trio and six others were on two 20 foot boats, which capsized during a strong thunderstorm about two miles west of Round Island. The group of family and friends left just after dark. About 20 to 30 minutes later, the National Weather Service issued a special marine warning, telling all boaters to seek safe harbor.

Dozens of friends and family members came together at the Point in Pascagoula to watch and wait as the Coast Guard searched for the three missing men.

"If my motor had been working, I'd probably been out there with them," Pascagoula resident Hugh Stork said. "I was born and raised, known them my whole life."

Fellow shrimper and friend Hugh Stork hoped for the best but feared the worst. He says he's faced stormy waters too when he should have stayed home.

The storm that caught the boaters off guard Sunday night was a fast moving one that the shrimpers apparently didn't know was headed out of Alabama and straight toward them.

Terry Ryan is one of the six survivors. He didn't want to talk on camera but told WLOX News the storm came up too quickly for us to get the nets up and get away. Ryan got knocked out of the boat and says he just held on to one of his nieces.

"The Coast Guard say the winds could have gotten up to more than 70 miles per hour," Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd said.