Landowners Sue Mississippi Power

More than 100 landowners around the state of Mississippi claim that Mississippi Power is trespassing on their land, and they want the power company to pay up.

The husband and wife law firm of Gigi and Charles Gibson held news conferences in Hattiesburg and Biloxi Monday to announce they have filed suit against Mississippi Power on behalf of the landowners. They allege that in 11 counties, including Harrison, Hancock and Jackson, the power company has been installing and using fiber optic lines on the property of many rural landowners without getting their permission.

"It is a continuing use of the land day in and day out," Gigi Gibson said. "The landowners have not been compensated for it, and in the instance where they did go back out and pursued an easement from the landowner, they deceived that landowner."

The attorneys have not decided how much money they will ask for.

A Mississippi Power spokesperson said because they have not seen the lawsuit yet, they can not comment at this time.