Police Look For More Clues In Teen Murder

A Long Beach investigator wore gloves when he pulled the suspected murder weapon out of an evidence bag. Police found the .20 gauge shotgun about a mile from the Commission Road home where Danielle Richards died.

Officer Wayne McDowell said, "There was two rounds fired inside the residence," from that weapon.

According to Harrison County's coroner, both rounds hit the 17-year-old girl. She died before Long Beach emergency crews could get to her.

Harley Schinker is the new chief of the Long Beach Police Department.

"Yes it does worry me," the chief said. "It's a shame that someone that young isn't going to get a chance to enjoy their life."

Several hours after the Sunday morning shooting, Long Beach police found 19-year-old capital murder suspect Justin Hammons hiding on Red Creek Road. They arrested him and took him to jail.

Chief Schinker tried to explain why a teenager would kill another teenager.

"I think it's a tribute to what the young people are exposed to today," he said.

Karen Brown just graduated from Long Beach High School. She was a year ahead of the murder victim.

"It's scary to know that somebody would think about it," she said during a break from her summer health camp. "I don't know what would go through their mind when they..."

Brown's inability to finish her answer had a lot to do with her disbelief. Brown and the other teens at the summer health camp seemed shocked that somebody their age could commit such a violent act.

"Absolutely," Stacy Williams said. "To know that somebody so young could be capable of something that bad, that that would even be on their mind at this young of an age, at any age at all."

Danielle Richards' funeral will be Wednesday at 1 p.m. That's when a mass will be held at St Thomas Catholic Church in Long Beach. The 17-year-old would have been a senior at Long Beach High School.

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