Long Beach Teen Killed, Boyfriend In Jail

After several hours of searching, police captured Justin Hammons Sunday afternoon in Harrison County.

"The man was spotted, he was tracked through the woods, he was apprehended along Red Creek Road as he attempted to allude the police further," Long Beach Chief Harley Schinker said.

Hammons is charged with capital murder in the shooting death of Danielle Richards. She would have been a senior this year at Long Beach High School.

The shooting happened at a home on Commission Road. Police say Richards was staying with a friend there when Hammons showed up and fought with the victim. Police say he was asked to leave.

"He left, he came back, armed, broke through a window, entered the house, went up to the second floor, confronted the victim at which time an argument continued and he shot the victim," Chief Schinker said.

Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove says Hammons shot the victim once in the head and once in the chest.

This is not the first time Hammons has been in trouble. In December 1998, he shot a neighbor's quarter horse, and spent some time in jail because of it. Now, he's charged with capital murder and could be looking at even more time behind bars.

Meanwhile, a Long Beach family is coping with a tremendous loss.

"It's always sad to hear of anyone losing their life especially a young child, got a whole life ahead of themselves," Chief Schinker said.

The woman whose horse Justin Hammons shot begged the judge to keep him in jail longer. She says she feared something like this could happen because of his violent history.