Coast Residents Find Ways To Cool Off During Summer Heat

From buffing to spraying, workers at Classy Chassis spend hours in the heat.

"It's a fast paced job, so they do have to work fast. When they get out here, they're going to be sweating, there's no doubt about that," manager Joe Kirkpatrick said.

So, what do these workers do to try and stay cool?

"We go under the canopy by the dryers, and just chill out and drink water, keep a lot of fluids in your body," Donald Clause said.

"We're not about forcing somebody to work in the condition where their body is going to take a toll on them, so we tell them to listen to their body, get the water, get fluids if they have to take a break," Kirkpatrick said.

After working all day in the heat, sometimes these workers find other ways to cool off, like using their water hoses for more than spraying down the cars.

"We'll spray each other the hose, keep cool, that also helps," Clause said.

"They'll double team you every now and then. We have three hoses back there, and if you're not paying attention you will get it. I know, I've been in a few of them," John Marshall said.

Lots of people spent the weekend fishing along the Coast. People like Lucedale resident Willie Bracks were out in the sun fishing, just hoping to catch a breeze from the water.

"Just fishing and having a good time. Just trying to cool it, hoping it will get a little cooler," Bracks said.

Most people say the hot weather is just part of living in South Mississippi, and they'd rather find ways to beat the heat, than live any other place.

Here are a few tips to help you keep cool this summer:

  1. Health care professionals say you should remember to drink plenty of fluids.
  2. Stay in shaded areas.
  3. Wear a hat and sun glasses.
  4. Also it's important that you limit alcohol consumption because it causes dehydration.