Passengers Speak Out About Whether To Beef Up Aiport Security

Gulfport police officers and other airport security in and around Gulfport Biloxi International Airport keep a sharp eye out for anything or anyone suspicious.

"We are monitoring all people who come into the terminal building whether they come in vehicles or trucks or whatever they may be," airport director Bruce Frallic said. "We look at them. We try to size them up."

After entering the terminal, for many passengers the next stop is the ticket counter. With the recent fatal shooting at a Los Angeles ticket counter, some people say sizing up potential terrorists isn't enough, and there should be more stringent procedures before anyone is allowed to enter terminals.

"They should do like the courts and stop you at the door, check you there. Make sure there's no weapons," passenger Veta Keene said.

Other passengers, however, feel adding any more security check points would be overkill.

"I don't think that security could be fool proof," Bob Gebhardt said. "If somebody wants to do something, they'll figure a way to do it but as far as locking down an airport, it'll just make traveling that much more inconvenient and that's exactly what the terrorists want people to do."

Most passengers said they aren't worried about terrorist threats. The Gulfport Biloxi International airport has tweaked some it's post September 11th security procedures. Airport officials say they've stopped mandatory searches of cars in short term parking and people are no longer having to take off their shoes before boarding flights.