Some Officers Glad To See Lucedale Chief Resign

The parking place for Lucedale's police chief will remain empty for several weeks. Several police officers told WLOX off camera, they were the driving force behind Chief Veil's resignation.

Officers say they had professional problems with Chief Veil and the way the ran the department. Earlier this week, a group of offices asked the city's Board of Aldermen to take action.

Mayor Dayton Whites wouldn't go into details about the Board's actions. He's out of town, but in a phone interview he told WLOX, "This decision was not totally based on that night. There have been some problems in the police department. I don't know if Mr. Veil was surprised but it was an issue the board had talked about before."

Most of the Lucedale residents we talked here at the post office say, they were surprised by Chief Veil's forced resignation and the internal conflicts inside the police department.

"I was very surprised," said Vivian Fryfogle, who works in Lucedale. "I knew nothing about it. I don't think anybody did to my knowledge."

"It surprised me," Lucedale resident Joshua Moody said. "He is fine fellow, good Christian man, and as far as I know the police department has some really good officers."

But former reserve police officer Raleigh Sargent disagrees. He says Chief Veil was forcing good officers to leave and thinks the board made the right choice.

"You ask me about my reaction? I say it's about time. It's about time," Sargent said.

Chief Veil has already moved out of his office. Several officers will pick up extra responsibilities to keep the station running until a replacement is hired.

WLOX News tried to reach Glen Veil for a comment about his resignation, but he couldn't be reached.