$25,000 Grants Available To New Home Buyers In Wiggins

WIGGINS (WLOX) -- Brighter days are ahead for 20 families who hope to own their own homes, thanks to the grant from the Mississippi Development Authority.

"Stone County was selected for 10 grants and the city of Wiggins was selected for 10 grants, totaling $500,000," said Damian McKay with Roger Whitehead Enterprises.

Through the grant, 20 families will each receive a $25,000 grant for a down payment and closing costs on the homes being built in Wiggins' Plum Hollow Subdivision.

"We've got three right now that can be sold on the program, and we're starting construction on one's blacked in and we're kicking off some more tomorrow," McKay said. "The project's up and running. It's just a matter of finding people that are interested, that meet the qualifications, that can step up and purchase the homes."

Citizens Bank in Wiggins is now accepting applications for the grants.

"The income limits will be for the 80 percent of the median income. And for a four person household, it would be $39,200. They could be married with kids or you could be a single mom with three kids. For a three person household, it would be $35,300," said Shellie Davis with Citizens Bank.

"There are some homes for sale here in Wiggins, but the average person can't afford them. They're too much. These are affordable homes. It's no big luxury home, but they're energy efficient homes, 1,200 or 1,300 square feet, three and four bedroom, two bath homes that people can afford," said Wiggins Mayor Jerry Alexander