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Harrison Co. Wants Citizens To Help Improve Beach

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HARRISON COUNTY (WLOX) -- Harrison County wants a day at a beach that includes more than just water and sand, but the county needs your advise on what should be located on the 26-mile stretch. The county will hold two public meetings later this month to get citizens' input.

Dana Spiers and Tonya Alexander enjoy spending time at the beach in Gulfport. However, the two friends from Picayune say a few added amenities, like more places to buy drinks and snacks, would make the trip better.

"You can take the kids and sit on the beach and have refreshments without having to take a big old ice chest every time," said Spiers.

Alexander said, "More things for kids to play on or just things to give kids more activity out here besides just the water."

When asked what they would like to see built on their beaches, Harrison County residents answered playgrounds, walking tracks, pavilions and more rest rooms and parking to name a few. The sand beach director says as hurricane recovery mode winds down, it's the time to think about creating the kind of beach more people can enjoy.

"Not everybody likes to come down to the beach and put suntan lotion on and lay out in the sun for a few hours," said Sand Beach Director Bobby Weaver. "So what other amenities can we have that maybe they can come down in the afternoon? Why not be a place where people can come down and have family reunions?"

Weaver says by developing more diverse types of beach recreation, the coast will benefit economically.

"So much focus is that we want to be a tier one destination location," said Weaver. "How can the beach play a role in us, as far as a community, reach that destination platform that everybody would like to see us get to?"

One suggestion the county has already received is to create a bonfire park. 

You can contribute your ideas at public meetings Thursday, June 19th at the West Harrison Civic Center at 6 p.m, and on Saturday, June 21st, at the D'Iberville Senior Center at 10 a.m. 

By Danielle Thomas

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