The Lonesome Beach Home In Waveland

WAVELAND (WLOX) -- It's a 7,000 square foot, Southern Acadian-style home flanked by a guest house larger than many homes going up around it.

"The first day I could get a permit, I did. It took a while before they were issuing permits South of the railroad tracks," homeowner Julie Rosson said.

The unique house has a swimming pool, complete with a cascading water fall, a miniature soccer field and several holes of golf.

"My sons and I both play golf. And I've played since I was 9-years-old, so I love golf. It's just a little practice green," said Rosson.

Inside, there are four and a half bathrooms, a game room and a movie theater. It all went up in just nine months.

Rosson said, "I think I went into survival mode. I wanted to get my home back for my children. I have two sons, and I wanted them to get back to some kind of normalcy as soon as possible."

She says her profession gave her an edge.

"I'm a builder and developer, so I think that helped a lot," Rosson said. "And I already had most of my subs."

Rosson considers herself fortunate. She had no battle with her insurance company. She was paid almost immediately, and she had no apprehensions about rebuilding on the beach front.

"I just think chances of another hurricane of this magnitude are just so slim."

But even if she's wrong, she says she'd likely rebuild in the same location again.

She offers advice to those who are still wrestling with whether or not they should rebuild in Waveland.

"Follow your heart, and if it feels like the right thing to do, just go forward and take the risk and just do it."

Rosson says after rebuilding, her insurance sky-rocketed to $25,000 a year, but she says she recently found a new company to insure her home for half that amount.