A Place To Call Home

Chirping birds on a sunny June day is a far cry from what the East Biloxi home endured almost 3 years ago..

"All the walls were way out of plum. They were shifted on the blocks. It was off; it wasn't way off the foundation, but it was twisted. And everything in there had floated," said homeowner John Wilborn.

Since then, Carolyn and John Wilborn have been living in temporary places. This home dedication was their time to celebrate and feed their amazing volunteers.

"They all got a chance to eat gumbo, fried fish and potato salad," said Wilborn.

Food is how Mr. Wilborn thanked them all for making his wife so happy with this incredible gift.

Wilborn said, "And she said now, I never thought I'd see this house like it look now. It's wonderful like a brand new house."

Volunteers who rebuilt their home came from East Biloxi's coordination, relief and redevelopment agency who used money from the state's homeowner's assistance program and Oprah's Angel Network. The agency's founder Bill Stallworth was just as excited as the Wilborns on this very special day.

"We're gathered here again at the Wilborn's house. We've got one more that's been completed, and we've got one more family that's coming home. And finally, after almost 3 years, they're finally getting back into their house," Stallworth said.

They are back, back into the house that was almost torn down after the storm. But with a little faith and a lot of hard work, it now has new life.

"It is a total turn around, different floor plan and everything," Wilborn said.

"Raise you hands," Stallworth said. "There's a lot of work and a lot of love gone into this house."

The Salvation Army, American Red Cross and the Gulf Coast Community Foundation were also a big part of rebuilding the Wilborn's East Biloxi Home.