No For Bay Village In Biloxi

BILOXI (WLOX) -- The proposed Bay Village housing community was once again turned down by the Biloxi Planning Commission. Thursday, an architect for the project went before the commission to explain changes made to the project after the last council meeting.

Architect Michael LeBatard hoped to convince the Biloxi Planning Commission Bay Village would help build West Biloxi's future. Most of the property will sit off Pass Road between Keesler Federal Credit Union and Edgewater Estates.

Residents in Edgewater Estates say concerns over traffic, parking, drainage, and property value make it hard for them to buy into the project.

"My community on either side of the golf course will be adversely affected," said Edgewater Estates resident Norman Roberts.

Bay Village would house more than 200 families in both homes and townhouses and have room for about 12 businesses.  LeBatard says such a project would benefit homeowners by increasing property values.

"It will also stabilize the property values in this area, where we're seeing West Biloxi right now in somewhat of a decline. Once the people get in there, business will naturally follow and business will do well," says LeBatard.

"It's not always economic growth.  It's not always dollars that we generate although that's important there are other things that make our life here enjoyable," said Edgewater Estates Homeowners Association President Leo Burton.

Residents say increased traffic from the project is just one way they see their lives changing for the worse.

"260 people in two cars, that's 500 or 600 automobiles, plus the business traffic that's going to go in and out of that street.  It doesn't take an engineer to know that that's a big problem right there," says Burton.

"To say business and the city can't grow because the street traffic is a little heavy, I think that's things that we need to address and look at," says Lebatard.

The Biloxi City Council is the next stop for the Bay Village project to be pitched.