Narcotics Agents Talk About Booby Trap Incident

There were actually two officers injured in Tuesday's incident. One was an unidentified Biloxi officer. He was treated for a leg injury and sent home. The other was Waveland officer John Bordages. He needs surgery to remove shrapnel from his right leg.

Jessie Skinner is the suspect in this drug case.

According to Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics agents, a team of officers went to Skinner's camper Tuesday night on Big John Road. They said they were there to arrest the 31 year old on a sale of a controlled substance charge, and to search his property for other suspected illegal drug activity.

When officers tried to enter Skinner's front door, a shotgun blast flew toward them.

Here's how narcotics officer Dwayne Brewer described the scene. "When (the officers) approached the camper trailer which he was living in, they attempted to gain entry into the trailer. It was rigged with a booby trap and explosive device, which ended igniting and exploding and injuring two agents in the process."

On Wednesday morning, the Biloxi bomb squad secured the scene, and then blasted its way into the camper so agents could search it. Narcotics officers didn't find any other booby traps. But they said they did find evidence that could result in federal drug charges being filed against Jessie Skinner.

If you've seen Skinner, contact the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics at 1-800-844-6272.