Singing River Electric Conserves Energy At The Office

GAUTIER (WLOX) -- No one enjoys paying more than they have to for electricity. It turns out, the people who supply it don't like paying high electric bills either.

"Our general manager called us in one day and said, 'We need to practice what we preach,'" said Singing River Electric Marketing Services Representative Jeff Gray. "So we sat down and talked to him. He told us what he wanted to do, and we sat down and put together a plan. It's worked out real well."

Gray was one of several Singing River Electric Power Association employees recruited to an energy committee. They were charged with applying the same kind of energy use audit they provide free to their customers, to their own offices. What they found were many ways to save.

"As soon as you walk in it, it detects it and turns on itself," says Gray, describing the motion sensors that have been installed in every room. "And as soon as you leave, after so many minutes it cuts itself off."

The florescents were replaced with more energy efficient models and motion sensors keep them off when no one is in the room.

"We're changing out all of our thermostats with programmable digital thermostats where the temperature will go up at night and then lower back down to the normal setting during the days when we're here," says Gray.

The rest of the employees at the Gautier, Lucedale and Sand Hill offices are pitching in as well.

"Now everybody, when they leave, they turn their computers off in the afternoons and they turn them back on in the mornings."

In just three months, Gray says they've seen a remarkable improvement.

"We saved 73,000 kilowatt hours and that equals out to about $5500 in cost that we've saved over three months."

Money they say has already paid for their investment in conserving the very product that pays the bills at Singing River Electric Power.

Most utility suppliers provide free or low cost energy use audits to their customers. Singing River officials say office managers, as well as homeowners should take better advantage of such services. Click here to learn more ways to save energy.