Cosmetic Dentistry

Roger A. Stroud, DMD
2693 Bienville Boulevard

Ocean Springs, MS 39564

Smile Design

In planning the design of your ideal smile, Dr. Stroud looks at many factors other than just your teeth. For example, the shape of the mouth, face, lip and gumline must be carefully considered. As you already know, the color of your teeth is important. Dark, stained teeth can make you look older than your age. But color isn't the only factor that can make you appear less youthful. As we age, our teeth wear down and actually become "shorter", thereby adding years to your face. That is why Dr. Stroud carefully studies the shape of your natural teeth in his designing. Based upon your needs, he may add length and width to each tooth so that you have a younger-looking, more appealing smile.

Before any changes are done, Dr. Stroud spends a great deal of time simply talking with you about your smile. What would you like to change about it? What are your reasons for changing your smile? These are just some of the issues he wants to address with you from the beginning. When he feels confident that he understands your wishes, he will conduct a thorough exam and take appropriate measures.

A member of our team will then take x-rays of your mouth. Once all necessary information is gathered, Dr. Stroud will then develop your treatment plan, a series of step-by-step procedures that you and he decide that are needed to create your ideal smile.

Based on Dr. Stroud's recommendations we will take impressions of your current smile and then have an ideal wax-up model created for your approval. You can then feel confident about your new smile.