O.S. Alderman Asked To Resign After Arrest

Ocean Springs Alderman Joe Carvin has been asked to resign after being accused of stealing casino chips from the Palace Casino Resort where he worked.

The request was made by George Conwill, a resident of the ward Carvin represents and the chief financial officer at the Palace Casino. Conwill says Carvin has a responsibility to the city's citizens. Carvin said he would consider Conwill's advice, although he said before the meeting he didn't plan to resign.

Aldermen declined to comment on Conwill's request. Conwill says he had videotapes that showed Carvin stealing the $75 dollars in chips the morning of June 20th.

Carvin was fired from his job as a blackjack dealer four days after he was arrested and charged with petit larceny. If convicted, he could spend up to six months in jail and pay a one-thousand dollar fine.

Conwill says the alderman may face even stiffer penalties if the casino ends up filing felony charges, which is expected.

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