Locals React To Obama's Historic Win

GULFPORT (WLOX) -- As owner and operator of Coop's Rib Crib in Gulfport, Charles Cooper has over heard more than his share of political debate over plates of ribs and pulled pork.  He says Barack Obama has been the focus of many conversations.

"Because of the unpredictability of politics, to see it actually come to fruition," says Cooper. "Yeah, it's a good deal."

But he can't say he never thought it could happen.

"I never thought we would be paying $4 for a gallon of gasoline either."

Cooper's nephew Nikeland says Obama's promise to deal with basic issues in a new way is what draws him to the candidate.

"He wants change," says Cooper. "He wants to reform Washington and that's what we need. Old politics of the past was yesterday. Today is history."

History that lunchtime customer Kemberli Brown believes will last for generations.

"It's just a great day for African Americans, for my children," says Brown. "Because they have somebody they can look up to now and know they could be President. Someone who looks like them."

Rib Crib cook Charles Waters isn't counting on it being that easy for Obama.

"It's going to be a run for who is the better man, so we'll see," says Waters.

Charles Cooper believes that race won't be the issue that wins the race.

"The real issues are gas, food, transportation, and housing."

And he knows anything can happen between now and November.

"What's going to happen or what emotional state will you be in when it's time to pull that lever."