Beauvoir Reopening Offers Hope

Beauvoir will always be a memorial to Jefferson Davis and the Confederate soldier. But this week, the historic home on Biloxi's shoreline represents a much different symbol.  Behind a new white picket fence is the restored home of the only Confederate president, and the restored hope that South Mississippi can recapture most of what it lost on that horrible day in 2005.

In 1877, Jefferson Davis paid $5,500 to buy the Beauvoir property. After Katrina blew down the home, and destroyed so many of its artifacts, the Sons of Confederate Veterans raised $4 million to repair the historic property

Beauvoir is a piece of our past we shouldn't forget. Many people look at it with pride. Yet there are others who view it with disdain. We understand that. But, right now, in a community that's striving to recapture its history, Beauvoir is a place we should embrace. It's a symbol to south Mississippi, and to the world, that we can, and we will win this battle against Katrina.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager