Truck Cracks Part Of I-10 Overpass

The I-10 bridge at Highway 49 has several broken support beams, but Department of Transportation engineers say the road is still safe.

The support beams cracked Tuesday morning when cargo loaded on top of a truck clipped the base of the bridge. As the truck kept rolling north on Highway 49, it chipped cement off of six cement beams.

An MDOT engineer said one of the beams holding up the eastbound side of the I-10 bridge had significant damage.

"[We're] very much concerned. That one particular beam has a good bit of damage to it. I don't think we'll have to close lanes of traffic at this time," said MDOT Engineer Terry Sanders.

Sanders believes the damage can be repaired, but wasn't sure when the work would be done.

Until then, MDOT is taking precautions by posting signs on I-10 at Canal Road telling eastbound truck drivers to stay in the right lane until they pass Highway 49.