McNair Teaching Local Youngsters The Game Of Football & The Game Of Life

Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair has made millions of dollars from his NFL career, but that doesn't stop the former Alcorn State quarterback from helping youngsters learn the game of football and life in general. McNair is hosting his annual football camp. Young men from throughout the South are participating in the two-day camp on the campus of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

Steve McNair said, "Due to circumstances of all those things out there in the world today it means a lot to have one kid come to my camp. That's one kid I helped save. I want them to do the best they can and not stray and head down the wrong road. To see some kids that I guided in my camp to go out there and do the best that they can and excel in their education and all and also on the field is very heart warming."

Steve has been an inspiration to these young men, a number who hail from Houston, Texas.

Anthony Ieans said, "I feel like its very important because you learn a lot of things and meet different people from different states and enjoy yourself."

Gulf Coast Bulldogs new head football coach Bill Lee is assisting at this weeks football camp.
He'll do anything he can to help build young men.

Bill Lee said, "We believe here at Gulf Coast in fundamental development and working on the mechanics of football movements that we've been doing here at this camp and Steve has been giving great instruction. He gives hands on coaching and teaching the kids and other coaches working here are doing the same job."

Steve McNair is molding young football players into better players, learning techniques and a winning attitude. They not only will become better football players, they should become better people from this experience.