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Stocking Up For Hurricane Season

GULFPORT (WLOX)-- The shelves are full of supplies, but is South Mississippi ready to stock up?

"We try to plan ahead, but it doesn't really work so we end up being last minute people," said Emily Hammack, a Gulfport resident. 

"People are like husbands.  If they've got an anniversary coming up, they remember it that morning.  It's kind of like that with the hurricanes," said Hugh Smith, Home Depot employee.

For the Pollard family, last minute planning is not the problem instead it's a matter of priority, right now, their priority is selling the family home. Nonetheless, Tiffany Pollard said the family will need to start stocking up sooner than later now that hurricane season is underway.

"We definitely buy the plywood to put over our windows.  We get a hurricane preparedness kit in the rubbermade container with the food,  the water, the diapers and things like that," said Tiffany Pollard, Gulfport resident.

Though the season is here, some, like Pollard say they think people aren't stocking up because of last year's mild hurricane season.

"I think that maybe people aren't as worried as they should be," said Pollard.

Although things are moving a little slow right now, Home Depot employee Hugh Smith said, when people do start coming, the store will be ready for them.

"We'll have all the special fittings for people who have brick windows so they can put their plywood in without having to screw it.  We also be well stocked with generators. 

By Krystal Allan

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