Player In Shocking Coast Murder Dies

Melissa Garrison, the young woman who spent just a year behind bars in connection with her mother's murder, has died of a lung ailment.

In 1992, the crime shocked the coast. 15-year old Garrison and her sister, 17-year old Shannon were arrested just hours after their mother's body was found in her Bayou View home. 45-year old Betty Garrison was killed as she slept in her bedroom.

Melissa confessed to police that she opened a window to let her boyfriend, Allen Robert Goul, inside. Shannon and Goul then went into Mrs. Garrison's room and attacked her.

Just days before their trials in August of 1993, Shannon Garrison and Allen Goul pleaded guilty to the murder. A judge sentenced them to life in prison.

As for Melissa, it took four juries to finally convict her of murder. Then in 1998 the state Supreme Court threw out the conviction saying statements from Melissa's sister Shannon should not have been allowed into evidence.

She was about to stand trial a fifth time when Melissa pleaded "guilty" to manslaughter. A year later, she was released on parole.