No Dogs On Harrison County Beaches

The next time you head to the beach, you'll have to leave the family pooch home. Monday, by a four to one vote, the Harrison County Supervisors said "no" to dogs on the beach.

The vote came after a recommendation from Sand Beach Director Bobby Weaver. He checked with other beach areas that allow dogs with certain restrictions, and said he's concerned that the county won't be able to enforce an ordinance allowing dogs. Weaver also talked to several veterinarians who brought up health concerns.

"Unless you have good tight controls over regulating that the dogs that are on the beach are properly vaccinated and dewormed, they expressed concern about the transfer of hookworms and things of that nature that might get into the sand and then be transferred to children that might be playing," Weaver said.

District 3 Supervisor Marlin Ladner voted against Weaver's recommendation. He says he thinks the county should set aside certain areas in each city where dogs will be welcome.