D'Iberville Widening Roads Around Congested Shopping Mecca

D'IBERVILLE (WLOX) -- Animal lovers have a new place to go to find a furry friend. Petland is the first business to open in the latest phase of development at Lakeview Village in D'Iberville.

"The market was here for it. There's all the growth," said Shelly Martin, owner of Petland. "The theatre supports me. The bowling alley's coming in, restaurants, Walmart. I mean, it was just a good fit."

The shops and eateries seem to be popping up overnight around what city leaders call a "shopping mecca." Another building, filled with businesses, recently opened. Walgreens, a Chinese Buffet Restaurant, and Courtyard by Marriott Hotel are all on the horizon.

"We've got a great amount of growth over here at Lakeview, and we appreciate the shoppers of South Mississippi coming to D'Iberville," said D'Iberville City Manager Richard Rose.

More businesses mean more traffic on already congested roads. So the city is working on plans to widen some of the main roads to help drivers navigate through the busy shopping center.

"What our objective over the next three or so years is to have a five lane boulevard," Rose said. "We anticipate widening Sangani to five lanes. Construction to begin after the first of the year. And that should relieve some of the traffic congestion that we've been seeing over the last several years, because we don't want to bind the shoppers in our town."

Plans also include widening Mallette Road to five lanes. Shelly Martin believes the bigger boulevard will lead more shoppers to her new business.

"I'm real excited," said Martin. "It's been a great first week opening. It's been real positive and I can't be a happier about it."

The city also plans to build a five lane road through the new Promenade shopping center. That retail development will be going up on the northwest side of the I-110/I-10 intersection. The entire road widening project is projected to cost around $5 million.