Prepare Now For Hurricane Season

Weather experts are predicting an active hurricane season with 13 to 15 named storms and six to eight hurricanes. We all know from 2005, no matter how many storms a season brings it only takes one direct hit to make it disastrous.

Your best safeguard is to be prepared. Sit down today and have a discussion with your family members on where you will evacuate if a major storm comes our way. Call a friend or family member upstate and ask if you can use the spare bedroom.

Also each family needs a hurricane kit which includes flashlights, batteries, bottled water, food and other essential items. A complete list can be found in our WLOX hurricane tracking maps, in's Hurricane Center or from the local American Red Cross.

For those with special needs, now is the time to think about any special medication or equipment you might need when you evacuate. Special transportation can be arranged ahead of time from Coast Transit Authority and AMR.

If you don't have flood insurance you should consider buying it today, as it takes 30 days for it to go into effect. Hopefully it will be another quiet season. However, being prepared could just save you and your loved ones lives.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager