Jackson County Residents have Mixed Reaction to Potential Tax Hike

Some Jackson County residents say they are anxious about having to shell out more money for their homes. The county recently completed its property reappraisal and has already started mailing out postcards to homeowners. Tax officials say people should expect the value of their homes to go up and possibly their taxes.

Curtis Robb said state income tax, car tags, and already high property taxes make being a Mississippian expensive. His family moved here to Ocean Springs from Texas three years ago. News of a possible property tax hike has him feeling uneasy.

Robb said paying more in taxes was "just something that we're really not looking forward to and not sure whether we can really afford to continue to stay here."

Tax officials say people should expect property values to rise, especially in high growth areas like Ocean Springs and Vancleave. That could mean higher taxes, but not everyone is clutching their wallets.

Ocean Springs homeowner Jodie Harris said, "We'll pay our taxes and we know that the county is going to use the money to do what's right for the county and we're happy to pay them."

Some of the residents are not happy about paying and would like to see elected officials adjust the millage unless officials can prove the money would be going towards a good cause.

"I have a mixed opinion about it," said Harvey Holloway, another Ocean Springs homeowner. "I know we need taxes raised for education but at the same time I want it to be raised in such a manner that it will benefit the most for education and not for anything else."

Soon residents like Holloway will have answers to questions on just how much they will be asked to pay, waiting for them in the mail.