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Final Prescription Drug Defendant Denied Bond

GULFPORT (WLOX)--Richard Trieu was denied bond in federal court Tuesday.

He's the former office manager of Family Medical Clinic in Biloxi, a business that's been linked to the illegal distribution of prescription narcotics.

A large group family and friends attended Richard Trieu's detention hearing. The judge agreed Trieu is a "flight risk" and again cited the seriousness of the charges.

Richard Trieu's attorney argued for house arrest or some form of release.

"I mean the DEA agent admitted Richard was not in the room when they prescribed anything. Admitted that Richard didn't issue any prescriptions. Admitted Richard didn't have anything to do with the pharmacy and didn't fill any prescriptions. So, on behalf of Richard, I'm wondering what we're doing here," said defense attorney Rufus Alldredge.

The prosecutor admitted Trieu didn't write the 'scrips but said the indictment also accuses him of "aiding and abetting".

Family and friends of Dr. Victoria Van also appeared at the hearing... along with her new attorney.

"Dr. Van is a board certified pediatrician. Most of her patients are children and the mothers of those children. For her to be accused of this is quite shocking. The picture will be painted entirely different when you hear both sides of what's happened," said defense attorney Michael Crosby.

"I'm Doctor Van's sister. I've known her all my life. She's a God fearing person. She loves God. She would never, never do such a thing," said Lan Van outside the federal courthouse.

Supporters say Dr. Van often reached out to the most needy in her community and helped a great deal with hurricane relief in the wake of Katrina.

Aileen Van Nguyen is the doctor's older sister.

"I hope that she gets out. She and Thomas are innocent. They need to be back with their families so they can care for their two little kids and most importantly she wants to be back to help her community in the medical services," she said.

The judge has set a trial date of August 18th for the four defendants.

By Steve Phillips

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