Jackson County Reappraisal Notices in The Mail

Every property owner in Jackson County should expect to get a post card in the mail next week, but it's not from someone on vacation, it's from the county.

Friday the county's tax assessor began mailing out 90,000 notices that inform property owners exactly how much their property is now worth. This is the last step in a county wide reappraisal process.

It took more than two dozen people, working full time, for the last two years to complete the reappraisal. The results will be the basis for all property taxes for next year.

The process started two years ago with Terry Armstrong, and an army of county assessors. Armed with a map and a measuring tape, property assessors like Terry, combed the county and personally visited each piece of property.

"I thought I knew every dirt trail until I got into this job, but now I do know ever dirt trail," said County Analyst Terry Armstrong.

"We are finishing the cycle. My staff did the job it was in house, we didn't hire an outside consultant. We trained our folks, and we did a real through job.

Benny Goff is the county's tax assessor, and is in charge of the whole process. He says most residents should expect to see the value of property go up, which could lead to higher taxes. He's asking each property owner to look at their postcard closely and call if they have any questions.

"We are human we are going to make mistakes, but be assured we are going to correct our mistake and we can fix them, that's what this process is all about." said Goff.

All of the post cards are expected to be mailed by next week. After that, the tax assessor's office expects to answer resident's questions for at least three or four weeks.

The highest increase in property values was on the west side of Jackson county. Goff says a tremendous amount of people have moved into the Ocean Springs and Vancleave areas and have pushed property values much higher.