New Liberty Garden In Pass Christian

The "Keep America Beautiful" program challenged groups around the county to build visual tributes to the victims of September 11th. Pass Christian's Chamber of Commerce and the Harrison County Beautification Commission answered the call when members dedicated their Libery Garden Friday.

Pass Christian's Fire and Police Chief's unveiled the garden in honor of the victims of September 11th.

"This Liberty garden will be a constant reminder that our country is united, and remind us of the principals on which our country was founded," said Beautification Committee member Gwenn Voigts.

The flowers are planted at the base of the American Flag on the grounds of the chamber of commerce. Although the garden is small with a five foot diameter, the purpose of this tribute is anything but small.

"We're a little community that is very involved and very appreciative of what we have. And this is a way to honor those who have helped us, so it's a special day for us," said Pass Christian resident Dottie Heiss.

The garden was intended to stand the test of time, so these flowers were chosen for their hardiness. There's a symbolic relationship between the flowers and the perpetual reminder that the freedoms we have will endure.

"We have the hibiscus and the vincas, verbenas, and they thrive around here," said Voigts.

"I often think of our founding fathers in this way, they took out a mortgage. That mortgage was for freedom and liberty. It has not been paid off. We have to be vigilant, and each generation has to do its part, has to pay its check," said County Supervisor Marlin Ladner.

"This will show that we have the appreciation for those who people who lost their lives during that tumultuous period," said Pass Christian Mayor Billy McDonald.

A period the garden will never let us forget.

"Finally lord we thank you for your rich and abundant blessing that have given us so much in the land of the free," Rev. Chris Colby said in final prayer.

If you're part of a civic group and would like to take part in the Liberty Garden program, call the Harrison County Beautification Commission at 214-1405.