Class Teaches Safety On The Water

BILOXI (WLOX) --  "We grew up on the water thinking we knew everything, and we were surprised," Carl Chaney said.

Carl and his son Brent Chaney say that's the reaction they had after taking a day-long Boat and Water Safety class through the Department of Marine Resources.  One of the lessons they learned was understanding how buoy systems work at night.

"We knew what the green and the red meant.  But, when you have oncoming traffic, how you're supposed to deal with that at night is a little different," says Carl Chaney.

After taking the course, the Chaneys keep safety at the top of their priority list with items like extra life jackets, a VHF radio reporting weather updates and a 'float plan.'

"We always let someone where we are, where we're going and when we expect to be back," says Chaney.

The 'Float Plan' should include information like the make and model of the boat, the names and number of passengers on board and a contact in case of an emergency.  It can be left with friends of family members as the Chaneys do or with a local marina.

With the course now keeping them in safety mode, the father and son duo say they picked up some self-taught tips along the way.

"You sprinkle this, and it'll take the sting right out," says Chaney.

That's right, the Chaneys use meat tenderizer to take the sting out of jelly fish bites.

Whether self-learned or classroom taught, by keeping safety first, the two say they have a lot less worries when they go out on the water.