All Harley Blowout In Full Swing

GULFPORT (WLOX) --They lined up, anxious to do their trial runs on the dragway. National champion bike racer and Long Beach resident Mark Blackmer could not wait to get his turn. He's been featured in national racing magazines, but this All Harley Blow Out Race, is one of his favorites.

Not even the high cost of fuel could take away his excitement.

"Being as I race a quarter mile and it take two gallons to make a quarter mile, that means it takes 8 gallons to the mile," Blackmer said.

People lined the dragway, to get a close up look at the action. But the motorcycles weren't all spectators had their eyes on. Miss Blow Out 2007 and 2008 drew a lot of attention.

"This year, mostly we handle the bikini contests, the bike show and hand out the trophies for the races. We do the best of show with the bikes and things like that," said Stacey O'Brian, Miss Blow Out 2007.

And the crowd they were wowing, was pretty diverse.

"We have a lot of lawyers and doctors. We just have a good time. They enjoy it," Holley Christie said.

These bikers are revving up their engines for a good cause. Much of the proceeds go to local charities, like the Gulf Coast Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The event wraps up Monday night.