Gas Prices Rise Again Ahead Of Holiday Weekend

DIAMONDHEAD (WLOX) -- "I'm almost at $100!" Terry Collins said with surprise as he filled his gas tank.

Collins is nervously watching the price at the pumps go up and up.

"Whoo, do I feel it? Yes," said Collins.

Collins is filling up his Hummer, and it's hauling a trailer loaded with construction equipment.

"This is kind of shocking at $4.04," Collins said. "That's too much. I'm about to feel it in my wallet and my Hummer."

While Collins is working this Memorial Day weekend, others are hitting the road.  And those drivers are getting hit by soaring gas prices.

Dennis Woodworth of Pass Christian said he never imagined that gas prices would creep so close to $4 a gallon.

"No, not at all," said Woodworth. "It blew my mind when we went over $100 a barrel in oil."

"My plans were to go to Houston, and I've decided not to," said Felecia Klockow of Diamondhead. "Flying is expensive. Gas is expensive. So I'll probably spend time here with my family, and my little pet."

Higher gas prices aren't just forcing drivers to adjust their holiday travel plans. Some are already making lifestyle changes, like cutting back on luxuries.  Others are even changing the vehicles they drive.

Mike Thibodeaux is relying on his motorcycle more these days.

"Actually on vacation, my truck would have ate us up, because it costs almost $100 to fill it now," said Thibodeaux. "It saves a lot of money going on a bike."

The rising gas prices are fueling drivers' frustrations. But Felecia Klockow won't let that ruin their holiday spirit.

"We can't let gas prices get us down or depressed or worried," Klockow said. "We have to do what we have to do as Americans and just get through this thing."

Drivers in Alaska, Connecticut, California and New York are already paying more than $4 for gas. And brace yourself, analysts say prices are headed even higher in coming days.