Orange Grove Water Bills Differ Widely Among Neighbors

Orange Grove residents are still looking for answers to their high water bills, and they're angry that the city of Gulfport isn't claiming responsibility.

Neighbors in the Northwood Hills subdivision recently got together and compared their last bills, and what they found was pretty surprising. The neighbors say broken meters and an old water system are to blame for their outrageous bills, and they want something done.

Barbara Nalley has lived in Orange Grove for 20 years. She was surprised when she recently opened her $88 water bill, but says it's nothing compared to the bills her neighbors received.

Across the street from Nalley, the Regala Family received a bill for $200, while another neighbor was charged only $22. A little investigative work found that their meter isn't even connected.

A third neighbor's meter is broken, but they still received a bill for $53.43. That's the flat rate price residents were paying before annexation eight years ago.

From now until August 1st, all Orange Grove residents will pay that same flat monthly rate of $53.43 while city leaders get the water meter problem under control. After that, residents will be charged a "per gallon" usage charge.

City officials also told Nalley and her neighbors in Northwood Hills to pay private plumbers to solve any possible water line leaks, and they will consider reimbursement.