Gulfport Councilman Proposes Placing MEMA Cottages In Mobile Home Parks

GULFPORT (WLOX) -- After nearly three years and countless moves, Allen Dewayne is finally home.

"Here it is, and I'm a happy camper," says Dewayne. "I really am, I'm real thankful."

MEMA moved him into Bayou Oaks Mobile Home Park in Gulfport about two weeks ago. His cottage is one of three at this location.

"They're better than trailers," says Dewayne. "I mean there's nothing wrong with trailers. It's a trailer, but it's ain't like a trailer. You've got the best of everything in here I think."

Putting cottages in mobile home parks is a fairly new trend in Gulfport, and it's unclear whether city ordinances actually allow it.

"We've been asked the question before," says Ward 4 Councilman Jackie Smith. "Are there any type of ordinances. And like you and I have talked about, well no we don't simply because we haven't had cottages before."

Smith is now requesting that the city allow the placement of MEMA Cottages in existing mobile home spaces in parks throughout the city.

"You have old abandoned trailers in some trailer parks, and this would be a great opportunity to not only upgrade trailer parks, but have a great place to live," says Smith. "And as you well know, these cottages are really nice."

That's a sentiment Allen Dewayne echoes. And he says the affordable rent may allow him to save enough to one day buy his little pink house and move it to his own lot with only one minor alteration.

"I'm going to pay it off," says Dewayne. "And I'm going to paint it a different color."

Smith's motion excludes RV and Travel Trailer parks and campgrounds.

The Gulfport City Council meets on Tuesday at 2:30pm.