Motel Owner Pleads Not Guilty To Polluting Sound

The Biloxi motel owner accused of pumping sewage into the Mississippi Sound says he didn't do it.

Dominic Bui, the owner of the Super 8 motel near Rodenburg Avenue, entered the not guilty plea in city court Tuesday afternoon.

He's accused of bypassing his hotel's broken lift station and using a hose to run raw sewage to a storm drain. State officials say because of that, that area of the sound was closed to public swimming. It remains closed.

Bui issued a statement through his attorney, saying he was sorry for what happened.

"I would never intentionally do anything to hurt the environment, or endanger anyone's health. It was a mistake on my part to try and fix the lift station," Bui's statement said.

His trial is set for July 9th.

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