Are You Ready For The Big Switch?

If you are a frequent viewer of WLOX no doubt you have heard us talk about making sure you are ready for the " Big Switch" which will take place in February of next year. This is when the Federal Communication Commission has mandated we cease broadcasting an analog signal and only send out a digital broadcast signal.

This Thursday WLOX will conduct several tests to see if all of your sets in your home are ready for the transition. We will conduct a test in Good Morning Mississippi between six thirty and seven. Then we will do the test again on WLOX News at Five, Six and Ten. During this test, you will be able to determine if all or some of your television sets are ready for the digital conversion.

If not, there is no reason to panic, you still have several months to make any changes. Remember during this test you want to turn on all of your television sets in your home and not just the main set you watch. Often it is the second or third television set that may pose a problem.

We are doing these tests now so you can take any action you may need to do to still receive your favorite television shows.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager